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Project Manager

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Project Manager Needed in Lacey,Washington

Job Description

Client:  Washington State Employment Security Department 
Contract Term:  2 years [04/12/2018 to 06/30/2020]
Location:  Lacey, WA (On-Site)
Positions:  Project Manager
Mode of Interview:  In - Person
Estimated Interview Date:  March 26 - 29, 2018.
Required from the candidate:
1. Updated resume.
2. Valid Visa Copy and DL Copy of respective candidates.
3. 2 references (  Name, client name, title, email id, phone number, description of service )
4. Must fill the Supplemental Question (attached). 
Project Description
The Washington State legislature recently passed legislation (RCW 50A.04) which implements Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) in the state. This law requires the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) to collect premiums from employers and employees and pay benefits to qualified employees. This is a brand new program in the State and only a handful of other states have similar programs. Information regarding the legislation, including the full text of the passed bill can be found online at
To effectively support the implementation of this program, a new business division and new technology system(s) will been implemented. The department must be able to assess premiums against eligible employers no later than Jan 1st, 2019. The following January, 2020 the Department must be prepared to issue insurance benefits for Family and Medical leave. 
The implementation of the new technology system for this program will be comprised of several components using multiple Vendors and requires an expert level Project Manager experienced working on highly visible government projects, delivering large scale and fixed deadline projects. This position will  manage multi-workstream projects, scaling agile and/or lean process to large solutions, organize, implement and maintain scheduling management system, track project time-lines, support project management team, provide information to Executive Steering Committee and other key stakeholder audiences, develop and update weekly short interval schedules and status working with team leads and project managers,   establish a risk tracking and monitoring tool for multiple workstreams, coordinate third party vendor testing, including QA, budget management, work with team leads to establish risk mitigation strategies, report on risk status as well as support Product Management and Project Management teams and identify risks affecting project schedule and schedule impacts. 
ESD’s webpage with additional details about the program can be found at
Required Experience:
a.     Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
b.    A minimum of seven (7) years’ experience managing large, complex, and highly visible projects.
     i.    ESD desires a Project Manager with some or all of the following experience:
        1.     Experience delivering large scale and fixed deadline projects;
        2.     Experience working on projects that use multiple vendors or delivery teams for project delivery;
        3.     Experience documenting, presenting, and communicating project status and managing external messaging regarding project status to an external authorizing environment;
        4.     Experience managing multi-work stream projects where the PM partnered with the different program managers;
        5.     Experience with projects which include scope such as standing up or implementing new business, programs, or start-ups;
        6.     Experience scaling agile and/or lean processes to large solutions and/or organizations;
        7.     Experience using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).
        c.     Experience in managing major information technology projects.
        d.    Understanding of Agile and two (2) years of working on projects delivered utilizing Agile
        e.     Experience working in a government environment or a heavily regulated and monitored private environment.
1.     Summary of Duties
a.     Project Management
                                          i.    Support project management team to maintain timely and effective risk management processes, procedures and systems.
1.     Establish a risk tracking and monitoring tool to be used across multiple work streams.
2.     Review QA findings and incorporate identified risks into risk tracking and monitoring tool.
3.     Work with team leads to establish risk mitigation strategies.
4.     Track actions related to identified project risks.
5.     Suggest management of risks affecting project schedule, and schedule impacts including costs or changes to contract terms.
6.     Guide and coordinate project management practices that will be applied across work streams.
b.    Work with team members to provide tools that support effective backlog grooming, work tracking, and visibility.
c.     Assist the Project Management office in calculating and measuring team velocity against estimates to identify gaps in delivery goals. 
d.    Support teams in managing scope to manage to minimum viable products without sacrificing quality.
e.     Facilitate problem solving activities at all levels of the project team.
f.     Support teams in managing and incorporating feedback from demonstrations and lessons learned.
g.    Manage and update resource plans to ensure all project work efforts are adequately resourced.
h.     Operate as the functional team lead for the Project Management Office including coordinating and tracking work of multiple project management resources.
2.     Schedule/Tracking
a.     Plan, implement, and control an overall project schedule:
                                          i.    Work with different workgroups to develop individual schedules as needed.
                                         ii.    Interact with project team and task managers to define, maintain, and update the comprehensive project schedule, identification of variances from original plan, and documenting and reporting agreed upon mitigation strategies.
                                        iii.    Coordinate individual inputs into a single, unified project plan.
b.    Track and evaluate overall project time-lines and velocity using various sources that track tasks and status.
                                          i.    Evaluate project schedule progress and performance and identify problem areas and risks.
                                         ii.    Conduct analysis to determine alternative courses of action or recovery on slipped schedules using standard agile measures to evaluate successful progress and performance.
                                        iii.    Analyze critical path and constraints to determine effect of changes to schedule and recommend work-around.
c.     Analyze critical path and constraints to determine effect of changes to schedule and recommend work-arounds.
d.    Develop and update weekly or bi-weekly short interval schedules and status working with team leads and project managers.
3.     Status Reports, Meetings,
a.     Collate team updates and standard reports of progress into a weekly status report to be delivered to the Executive Steering Committee and other key stakeholder audiences.
b.    Supply information to executive and authorizing environment that establishes expected outcomes and pace of progress. In addition, supply transparent status against established expectations with the direct goal of inspiring confidence in the project management processes being applied to the project. 
c.     Facilitate decision making related to governing decisions that are escalated to the Executive Steering Committee.
d.    Facilitate Executive Steering Committee Meetings including creating an agenda, tracking action items, decisions, and agreed upon risk mitigations. Producing and presenting status reports.
e.     Monitor and report on transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing etc.)
f.     Synthesize outcomes from retrospectives and other activities and ceremonies to check process effectiveness and track adjustments throughout.
g.    Assist as needed on any status reporting, presentations, or other items with outside entities.
4.     Budget
a.     Assist and coordinate with ESD’s Budget Analyst to:
                                          i.    Track project expenditures and receipt.
                                         ii.    Control and forecast costs.
                                        iii.    Ensure project resources are appropriately utilized.
                                        iv.    Manage, maintain and update the project budget, including the projected budget vs. actual budget, and information relative to any variances.
5.     Administration or General Tasks
Lead a cross-functional project team comprised of technical, procurement and business operations staff from within ESD, associated state and federal agencies and other Contractors. 
Manage daily work activities.
Create other documents, reports, and memoranda on an as-needed basis to track unusual or special issues that impact project success. Such issues include, but are not limited to time, scope, quality, risk, and vendor management.
Participate in the department’s external relations efforts, informational presentations, stakeholder meetings and public program advocacy.
Communicate effectively and efficiently in a politically sensitive environment with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external to ESD.
Ensure project quality standards are met.
Lead and manage project internal meetings.
Additional Work Requirements:
In addition to the specifics listed above, contracted resources will be expected to:
Participate in regular project team meetings and follow the established methodology standards.
Follow ESD standards in implementing all work.
Document work as per agency and/or project standards.
Actively participate in stand-up meetings.
Utilize VSTS for source control and incident management.
Provide status as requested.
Demonstrate respectful communications and behavior.



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