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JobTitleCompany NameLocationPosted Date
Technical Architect DevCare Durham, North Carolina01-16-2018
Data Architect DevCare Las Vegas, Nevada01-12-2018
Process Architect DevCare Kansas City, Missouri01-12-2018
Data Architect DevCare Nashville, Tennessee01-12-2018
Data Architect DevCare Tallahassee, Florida01-11-2018
Java Architect DevCare Dearborn, Michigan01-10-2018
SAP Basis Architect DevCare Lansing, Michigan01-08-2018
Data Architect DevCare Philadelphia, Pennsylvania01-02-2018
Senior Product Architect DevCare Westmont, Illinois01-02-2018
Enterprise Architect DevCare Raleigh, North Carolina12-26-2017
Senior Data Architect DevCare Philadelphia, Pennsylvania12-22-2017
Java Architect DevCare Plano, Texas12-21-2017
QA Automation Architect DevCare Cumberland, Rhode Island12-21-2017
Data Architect DevCare Tallahassee, Florida12-21-2017
Technical architect DevCare Columbia, South Carolina12-20-2017
Senior Architect DevCare Baltimore, Maryland12-19-2017
Enterprise Architect 1 DevCare Lansing, Michigan12-19-2017
Microsoft Dynamics CRM DevCare Seattle, Washington12-26-2017
Business Analyst DevCare Raleigh, North Carolina12-18-2017
Technical Specialist DevCare Raleigh, North Carolina12-18-2017
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