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Manage Consultants

Each and every consultant is unique with their different qualifications, availabilities, requirements and specifications. Locating a job that fits into their need and profile is quite a challenging task. To ease this task of yours, we have compiled the MANAGE CONSULTANTS feature. This feature gives you a snapshot about your available consultants and the various fields helps you to navigate into each and every consultant’s details and manage them as and when their status undergoes changes.

The various fields under this feature:

  • Action
    This helps you specify the active or Inactive status of the candidate based on their availability.
  • Candidate Name
    The full name of the consultant.
  • Phone
    Consultant’s contact number.
  • Location
    The current location of the consultant.
  • Created Date
    The date on which the respective consultant’s profile was created in our website.
  • Updated Date
    Any updates and their respective dates.
  • Resume
    Consultant’s resume can be uploaded in the following formats - .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt.
  • Profile
    Based on the resume uploaded, a synopsis of the consultant’s profile can be viewed.
  • Status
    Based on the consultants availability the respective status will be displayed.
  • EPV
    This field specifies whether the consultant has been signed in for the EPV or not.