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Manage Jobs

We understand your need to post several jobs at the same time. To satisfy this need of yours we have compiled various fields to help you post and manage your various job openings. Through Manage Jobs, we provide you the ease to post jobs open on your end and manage them based on their availabilities.

Each subscription package allows you to post the respective number of jobs, track them and manage them with the following fields:

  • Job Reference ID
    Each job will have a unique identity in the name of Job reference ID, making it easier to track.
  • Job Title
    This helps you specify the exact qualification that you are looking forward for the respective opening.
  • Posted Date
    This will be the start date when the opening was initially posted by you.
  • Expiry Date
    This will be the deadline date within which the opening has to be filled and this date will help applicants also know the date within which they would have to respond for the opening.
  • Job Status
    This field helps you specify the status of the opening viz., Active or Inactive.
  • Actions
    Under this field we have assigned four symbols.

    Applicants Shows all the applicants who have applied for your job opening .

    Match_new Displays applicants who match your job opening on a higher probability.

    Activate Helps you to deactivate the specific opening for the time being.

    Delete New Helps you to permanently delete the job.