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Manage Skills and Profile

This feature provides you the various fields to break into your profile in detail.

  • Personal details
    All your personal details along with your educational qualifications and work authorizations are recorded in here.
  • Skills
    Your unique skills with the years of experience can be recorded and you can rate yourself on your strengths.
  • Work Experience
    This is detailed section on the various projects under your cap along with the client details, Location and the years of experience.
  • Preference
    A favorite spot to record your preferences in Location, salary expectation, travel comfort abilities and job type.
  • Settings
    This feature helps you set up an alert system on three fields:

    Job Alert : Here in you will be informed about any new job postings as and when you sign into your account. The alert system can be set up on a daily or weekly basis to your email or every time you log into your account.

    Resume : Under this you can restrict the companies that can view your profile.

    Company List : You can also enter list of companies that you are interested in or vice versa.